Monday, February 27, 2012

Starz Play Exodus of 2012

A great number of movies that have appeared on this blog will be 
disappearing from Netflix Instant over the next couple of days.

Why exactly?  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  Negotiations between Starz and Netflix broke down when they couldn't agree on $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  So if you'd like to watch any of the following through Netflix Instant, I urge you to hurry up.

Say Goodbye to...

 Sacred Sunday:
The Trouble with Harry
Young Frankenstein
Billy Madison

Magnificent Monday:
Toy Story 3
Eight Men Out

Totally TV Tuesday:
Party Down

Wacky Wednesday:
About Schmidt
Coffee and Cigarettes
Year of the Dog
Shaolin Soccer

Traumatic Thursday:
Vampire's Kiss
The Crazies

Foreign Friday:
Howl's Moving Castle

So Bad It's Good Saturday:
Larger Than Life
Bad Girls
Club Paradise
Jingle All the Way
Battlefield Earth

By February 29th, these will all be gone.

I'm not trying to scare you - but this IS a warning.

The Mayans were right.

Prepare yourselves.  Stock up on water and flashlights.



The following non-Starz movies will also be making an exit - one day later:

Billy Jack
The Last Emperor
The Odd Couple
La Femme Nikita
Howard the Duck

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  1. It’s quite the bummer for Netflix subscribers, first they get hit with the price change earlier this year, and then Netflix can’t work out a deal with Starz. I mean it is good that they are adding closed captioning, and some Academy Award winning movies. I still don’t know if what they are doing can compare to what they have lost now, but it does make me happier that I dropped Netflix back when the price change went into affect. Since I work at DISH I figured I would give the Blockbuster @home plan a shot, and it has actually made me happy that I did. Although Netflix keeps helping add that value, because I like streaming and renting DVD’s so the price is much better, and now I still have all those on demands Starz movies and shows that I have grown accustom to.