Tuesday, November 22, 2011

#234-240 (Thanksgiving)

Yo Readers,

I'm disappearing from the blogosphere for a week  -
so here's a bunch of picks all at once!



#234: Archer

created by Adam Reed.

Totally TV Tuesday!

#235: Time Bandits

written by Terry Gilliam and Michael Palin.
directed by Terry Gilliam.

Wacky Wednesday!

#236: The Game

directed by David Fincher. 
starring Michael Douglas and Sean Penn.

Traumatic Thursday!

#237: OSS 117 - Cairo, Nest of Spies

 directed by Michel Hazanavicius.
starring Jean Dujardin.

Foreign Friday!

#238: Double Dragon

 starring Robert Patrick, Scott Wolf, Mark Decascos, and Alyssa Milano.

So Bad It's Good Saturday!

#239: Edward Scissorhands

  directed by Tim Burton.
starring Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.

Sacred Sunday!

#240: Punch-Drunk Love

 written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson.

Magnificent Monday!

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